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Halt whitening procedures if you get an indication that your teeth have heightened sensitivity. You need your dentist's advice since you could be causing actual damage to your teeth. Ask your dentist about the most Dentafend reviews effective, and safest way to proceed.

Use whitening strips. Depending on how badly your teeth are stained, they usually don't immediately work. Over time, you will notice your teeth getting whiter. You should use these strips regularly, but not too much. These strips are easy and convenient to use and keep you from visiting the dentist.

You should not begin a teeth whitening regiment until you are around the age of 16 to 18. Until this time a child's gums are incredibly sensitive. Therefore, the caustic and abrasive products that are used to clean teeth can cause a child's mouth to enter a world of pain.

If you have gum disease, a gum infection or unfilled cavities, consult with your family doctor or dentist before using any teeth whitening products. Certain chemicals can make you gum or tooth problem worse. Have any tooth or gum problems fixed or treated before you use any tooth whitening chemicals or procedures.

One of the primary causes of having discolored teeth and smile in general is bad habits with beverages. Coffee is one of the leading causes of having teeth that are discolored. If you are determined to continue drinking coffee then you will want to brush your teeth immediately after each cup.

Your smile can look whiter simply by altering the color of your lip wear. Look for blue-based lip colors. The lipstick and makeup that have a blue based red or berry colors will make your teeth have a whiter appearance. Do not wear matte lipsticks because they can make your teeth appear to be dingy.

Oddly enough, it is possible to avoid discoloration of your teeth by avoiding the use of mouthwash. The chemicals and alcohol in it are proven to cause yellow or brown stains by removing your white enamel. Talk to your dentist about whether your teeth can withstand the damage that mouthwash causes.