Most people never have the opportunity to even meet a World Champion, let alone train with one, If you want to be your best, you have to learn from the best, and that means finding someone with the credibility and world class status.

Maurepaz (a.k.a.“MO”) caters to a broad spectrum of clientele. Mo is the “go-to” boxing trainer in NYC for many celebrities (actors, athletes, TV-hosts, musicians, models, CEO's and more) such as Chazz Palminteri, Alan Cumming, Maurice DuBois, Arsenio Hall, Carlos Leon, Jay Glazer, Randy Couture, Lou Gusset Jr., and many more! Whether you're new to Kickboxing, or an experienced Martial Artist looking to compete professionally, Mo can help you reach your goals by using the same methods that made him a World Champion.

Maurepaz Auguste has devoted his life and energies to the Martial Arts and started a non-profit foundation called “The Warrior’s House" in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2003. The mission was to help kids that face adversity in several ways by building their confidence, staying off the streets and use kickboxing as a tool of strength to achieve their goals in life. He strives to teach people the lessons he has learned from years of constantly challenging and pushing himself to be the best. The odds often were stacked against him; however, through self-discipline and true will power he overcame these hurdles to become a World Kickboxing Champion.

Although his group classes are very demanding, they get the results his clients desire which is why he is in such high demand as a trainer and instructor. Mo prefers to train most of his clients privately not only to have their undivided attention but to also give his clients the personal attention they need. In addition, he customizes each training session after analyzing their goal of weight loss, muscle definition while noting any past injuries. His private one-on-one classes focus completely on you, without the distraction of other students, therefore results do come significantly faster!